There was a Navy Teletype Like Mine

After working with Nick England from http://Navy-Radio.com I have discovered that this Teletype M28 KSR is all wrong

m28painted copy

So, I have been conversing with the guys at the greenkeys mailing list, specifically Nick England. (Side note he is one of the foremost experts on Navy Communication equipment and teletype equipment from that era) his site is http://navy-radio.com . I inquired to the color as mine looks as if someone painted it a tan color. He originally thought that it must be civilian because he had not seen a skin tight 28KSR of my type in Navy service.

This got him digging and he indeed found that the Navy had this equipment. He also directed me to paint codes for which I found that the unit was originally Light Navy Gray.

Bingo; this M28 is the same family as the TT-307/UG and should be painted Light Navy Gray. I will just assume that it is of Navy Heritage (Since I collect Navy Communications equipment)

I will post some pictures as the restoration goes on but here is one of me sanding the cover.


I also received my CV-483 which works great and I can copy ITTY and RTTY with it easily. On the wide setting it is able to decode the RTTY from my Kenwood TS570s. I also received my CV-2460 which is a Keying Converter also so I should be able to get the KSR on the radio for transmission purposes shortly. MRCG has a weekly Teletype Clatter Net on 7087mc Saturdays which does 850hz. I received my 483 and 2460 from Doug W5JV, if you need vintage equipment he is the guy. Its not cheap but its extremely clean and from what I have experienced works out of the box no matter what the age.

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