Field Operations with PRC-47

PRC47 fresh out of storage used in field on battery Power.

prc47 bench

The PRC-47 has been on the bench for about a month I have gone through it and ensured that nothing is going to melt down and send out the magic smoke. I was lucky that it pretty much worked right out of the box. I did have some help with a few parts from other Military Radio Collectors Group Members, in fact I found the radio through the MRCG mailing list.

prc47 field1

I use a Lithium Ion Battery to replace the silver sulfur cells that were in the box and bloated. (It is interesting that each cell has about 30-40oz of silver in them, it takes some nasty chemicals to separate them out)

prc47 field2

I had it out this weekend for a field op with my club Gotahams.com WG6OTA. I ran the radio on receive for over 4hrs and probably about 20 minutes of transmitting on low power (20 Watts) I was heard up in Northern California by N6CC (Navy 6 Combat Comms) on 7187 USB (Which is the only sideband it will run) I also made an RATT Contact on 7087 USB 850hz shift with NF6X using the UGC-74.

prc47 field3

I was using a 7m DX Commander multi band vertical.

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