Work on Iowa and TCS

Did some work on the USS Iowa last weekend and continued on my quest to finish this TCS even though my garage is around 90 degrees.

Just a couple of pictures today. The heat is unbearable in the garage/shack/lab, it was 105 outside so the garage is at about 90. I worked on the Teletype equipment on the Iowa last weekend and got a little deeper into the radio equipment. George Sliney how was an ET in the Navy in the early 70s worked on most of this stuff so I was about to get a lot of information out of him.

FACCON, this would be taken from the main supervisors desk.

A little larger of the 28ASRs and the Compact ROs.

The Combat Information Center (CIC) onboard USS Iowa, They have automated some of the equipment to make it look like its functional.

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