TYPE CMD-60ABG-1 Oscillator

CMD-60ABG-1 Oscillator which is part of the ARD-2 Search Receiver

60abg1 copy

I found this a couple years ago and it was basically free with some other stuff I purchased. There is almost nothing out there on it, Basically what I have found is this piece of equipment was used as part of the ARD-2 Search Receiver which was designed as a direction finder and frequency meter for US Navy Aircraft. The AN/ARD-2 was specifically used in the PBY aircraft. It has a cavity frequency of 400 Hz with 4 pulse repetition rates. Either way here is a couple of pictures and the only documentation I could find.

This unit is almost NOS, I need to dig into what the voltage requirements are.

It uses a 955 Acorn Tube and a 6SL7

It has a small antenna for the transmitting function

This is one of the few Advertisements that I could find that include the 60ABG

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