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So I have many projects going right now. Its a bit overwhelming but I have run into a lot of good deals lately.

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My first project is to adapt all my Navy switch boards and Patch panels. I have a SB-1203A/UG Teletype Patch Panel and a SB-988/SRT transmitter Switchboard. I have wired my TS-570s, RF-301 and Raspberry Pi, Scanner and TYT-9800 all to the panel which directs the signals to the Teletype CUs, Speakers and recorders. You can see the 2 panels in the picture above.

Project #2 is the RF-301 (AN/URC-58) which was a radio the Navy used as a stop gap SSB when the AN/WRC-1 was in short supply. Its a 100w SSB Transmitter that has 100% duty cycle for RATT work. The radio was originally owned by WA6NNC as shown by the label (I did remove the label but wrote WA6NNC inside the case so everyone down the road knows the history.

project blog 4
RF-301 (AN/URC-58) Hybrid SSB transceiver.

Project #3; I found this TT-253 Teletype locally. It's a Model 28 KTR that is in remarkably good condition. I did lube it up to make sure that everything operates and will work on it once I am done with the RF and the Patch Panels.

project blog 3
Teletype Model 28 KTR (TT-253/UG)

Project #4 which is also a project that fits in-between the rest since these typing units belong to the USS Iowa BB-61 Museum. I am going to clean them up and ensure they work when used on my Keyboard unit.

project blog 2
A couple of Teletype typing units that need clean up so we can swap out each of the ones on the ship.

So my project back log is large but at 41 years of age I have plenty of time. I have also written another article for Electric Radio Magazine. It was on the History of the Model 28 Teletype.

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