A Patch Panel to Make Things Easier

Switching Cables for speakers, Loop Supplies, Radios, RTTY (RATT) Converters and my soon to arrive TT-192 and TT-187 made it tough keep track of cables. I will also be installing an RF Patch Panel in the future to make that side easier also.

patch Panel Rear

I found this ADC panel on the cheap (Like $20 Cheap) and figured it would simplify my wiring issues. It has 48 ports and I am using it for Audio In/Out, Loop Supply for the Teletypes, Converters and Loop Supply. It was fairly simple to wire up and besides having to snake behind my equipment east to connect to the vintage radios.
patch panel front

The front, I will improve the labels once I have everything slayed out where I want it.

I can use normal mono or stereo patch cords, I only have each port wired in mono but if there was a need for a 3rd connection it can be done. Each port is fully isolated.

Patch Panel Cables
Here is the patch panel semi wired-up

I still need to connect the TTY Converters in the back but everything seems to work. You basically patch one of the radios on the left to either the speaker or phone patch in the middle. The right side is the TTY side and there you would patch in the TD, REPERF or KSR. Once I get my Kenwood TS570 on the panel you will be able to patch the converters directly in.

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