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Home Brew 24v Loop Supply

So my solution was to take an old Kantronics unit I had laying around and build a loop supply that would run on 24vdc like the rest of my military equipment. I will use this with my UGC-74B and will be able to print out information from KPH as well as internet feeds when the airwaves are slack.

The loop supply is built from a DC-DC booster that was about $13 from eBay and a 2k ohm 10w resistor to limit the current to 60ma. I received numerous tips from the GreenKeys group which pointed me in this direction.Here are some pictures.

I built it into an old case I had from the scrap pile. The booster has an
Onboard 5a fuse, I added a 1/4a fuse for the loop line.

I was able to repurpose the original switch as a power switch.

The back has the connections for the loop line and the 24vdc.

Testing it out on my UGC-74 with an ITTY feed from http://n3crk.com